Our Work

Through BEF, over 550 students have stayed in school since 1998.

BEF provides scholarships and educational support to needy but promising students from rural Benin.  Only primary school is free in Benin.  Basic high school expenses exceed $150/year in a country where the average annual income is less than $700.  About 50% of students drop out after primary school.

High School Impact:  During the 2016-2017 school year, 90 high school students stayed in school thanks to BEF scholarships. About 2/3 are girls.  A typical scholarship includes tuition and fees, supplies, uniforms, and books.  We provide housing for students who must leave their villages to attend school. Students preparing national exams receive tutoring.

University Impact:  Last year we supported 68 university students.  All had received high school scholarships and excelled, so BEF decided to continue its support.

Support Beyond School Fees:  Helping students succeed means more than just paying school fees. BEF provides housing for those who must leave their villages to attend school. We arrange preventative health care and treatment for illnesses. Local mentors advise our students on critical issues like nutrition and wellness, AIDS prevention, and reproductive health. Other programs include tutoring, sports, theater, English, technology, and training in entrepreneurship.

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