BEF Program Highlights

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In the 2009-2010 school year, BEF sponsored:

  • 187 high school students in 17 high schools
  • 4 students in 2 trade schools.
  • 40 college students

Our primary school program funded 4 teachers and delivered supplies to 5 primary schools, benefiting about 475 elementary students.


  • 11 BEF students passed the BAC and graduated from high school.
  • 24 BEF scholars passed the national middle school exam (”BEPC”). BEF’s pass rate was 70%, well above the national pass rate of 55% - evidence that BEF continues to improve our selection of, and support to, our students.


BEF’s main goal is to help high school students graduate and pass the BAC (the French baccalaureate exam). We also support BEF graduates in university and help rural primary schools.

Over the years we have learned that helping high school students graduate requires more than simply paying their school fees. BEF now provides housing for those who must leave their villages to attend school. We arrange preventative health care and treatment, because recurring illnesses are a major barrier to success. We recruit local mentors to advise our students on critical topics like nutrition and wellness, AIDS prevention, and reproductive health. We support special programs that reflect a range of student interests including tutoring, sports, theater, English, technology, and training in business plan development and entrepreneurship.

We identify top students who are in danger of dropping out because their families cannot pay their school fees. We screen applicants carefully and select only those who meet our criteria. We commit to support our scholars until they graduate high school, as long as they maintain good grades. To ensure we can provide the range of support every student needs, we cap the number of scholarship recipients in the program. As students graduate, we accept a limited number of new students through applications and referrals.

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