Our Students

Meet some of our students!

BrigitteBrigitte Béré YOKOSSI is an 11th grader.  She told BEF staff that before she received a scholarship, “My hope was completely gone….but there is a God for the poor.”  She says that BEF has made her “an intellectual” and will help her realize her dream of practicing medicine.  She hopes to save lives in Africa and throughout the world.  Brigitte says that she smiles again at life because she knows that with BEF’s help, she is re-building herself and that she has the will and determination to go far.

Bernadin photoN’Kouéï Bernadin OYA is one of BEF’s top students.  In fact, he is one of the best students in all of Benin.  Before receiving help from BEF, Bernadin was barely able to stay in school as he dealt with the stresses of scraping by month to month.  With a scholarship, he was able to focus on his studies and earned earned a prestigious scholarship to attend high school in Benin’s capital.

Dampa photoDampa Micheline TCHESSO is 15 years old and is one of 6 children.  Dampa attends high school but dedicates herself to farming during every vacation.  She helps her parents in their fields because the harvest sustains the family during the dry season.  She also cultivates her own field of beans and uses her earnings to purchase school supplies for herself and a few notebooks for her younger brothers.  Since starting junior high school, she has consistently earned top grades and has a reputation of being one of the brightest students.

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